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I'm Hair For You

As we have gone on this crazy journey into the wig world we have met some of the most amazing, powerful, and inspirational women who have motivated us to figure out how we could give back to this community we love so much. That is where I’m Hair For You was born and where it stays deeply rooted as we grow and evolve. Big things are coming for I’m Hair For You.

We want to continue to still provide wigs to those in need during this “glow up”, so below you will find our application form if you or someone you know is in need of a wig due to hair loss.

I'm Hair For You

We are all on our wig journey.

Making a Difference

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  • By being apart of the CSC Community, your purchases allow us to give back.
  • Current Countries that are eligible: United States & Canada
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I'm Hair For You Recipients

Melissa M.
I love the community of women that follow her.

My name is Melissa, I’m 37 years old for the passed year I’ve been struggling with hair loss. In December of 2021 I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. I started steroid injections in January of 2022. I got COVID in May of 2022 and since then I lost what was remaining. This Thursday on my 37 I shaved my head. I couldn’t take the hair loss anymore, it was falling out daily in chunks. I’ve been depressed since, I can’t look in the mirror because I hate how I look with out a wig on. I’ve been so depressed and feeling sad and ugly. In January I got a trading wig group on Facebook and bought my first CSC wig Rowan. I think this wig is made for me I now own 4 as back ups. I live in this wig, this wig gave confidence. I owe a few other CSC wigs but I’ve been dying for Rubie, but unfortunately do to low funds I haven’t been able to purchase her. I’d love to be considered. I’m very thankful I found CSC and I love the community of women that follow her.

Lauren S.
A wig makes me feel more like I “fit” in.

I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia a few years ago now. I always knew that my lupus medicine could attack my skin, eyes, hair, and more. However, I didn’t realize how upsetting losing a chunk of hair would be. I covered it. It started to grow back. Okay, cool, it was an one off experience. I wish. However, it happened again. The chunk of hair wasn’t any less upsetting. So, I took the plunge. I shaved my hair off. I didn’t realize just how vulnerable that would make me feel. Others tell me I don’t need my wig. Deep down, I know that. However, a wig makes me feel more like I “fit” in. I already feel different with my disability. A little comfort goes a really long way.

Mason B.
Hair crowns make me feel beautiful again.

I was diagnosed with a rare cancer last year, at age 21. I am now 22 and am going through aggressive chemotherapy which has left me with no hair, eyebrows or eyelashes. I am a natural red head, and used to have long curly ginger/red hair. My hair was my identity and without it I honestly feel like a shell of who I was. Hair crowns have allowed me to feel like me again even when I don’t look the same as I once did. Hair crowns make me feel beautiful again.

Danielle S.
I have every intention of turning cancer patient into cancer SURVIVOR !

Three words you can’t unhear, “You have cancer.”

It was Tuesday, February 8th, 2022 and my doctor called and told me that I have cancer (stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma). My titles of wife, mother, first grade teacher, daughter, sister, and friend, suddenly felt overcome by one title, cancer patient. This couldn’t be real! I’m only 32 years old!

It didn’t take long for chemo to start and the hair loss to take place. I was always the girl with long beautiful hair and losing my hair was like losing a part of myself. I still struggle daily to feel beautiful in my own skin, and I love all of your hair crowns and the confidence they can bring.

Oh, & my newest title won’t be sticking around. I have every intention of turning cancer patient into cancer SURVIVOR 💪🏼.