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Why Crown College?

I knew when I created my brand that I didn't just want to sell wigs, I also wanted to provide an educational aspect. I was a makeup artist and loved teaching others how to do makeup, so I brought that energy to the wig world.

Crown College

Meet your Teacher

Okay okay, I'm not a real teacher, but I know a TON about wigs. I have been wearing wigs for over 5 years and have learned so much along the way. Now I want to share my knowledge with you!

How to measure: Head Circumference

What size wig you should get?

22-23 inches: Standard size

20-21 inches: Petite size

101 Courses

The beginner courses in Crown College!

How to cut lace on a synthetic wig
How to put on a synthetic wig
How to wash a synthetic wig
Best synthetic wig hacks 101
How to tone down wig shine

Congratulations on Graduating!

You graduated Crown College!

If you are looking to continue your education, go to the Chelsey Smith Cosmetics Youtube Channel and check out our TikTok page for more wig education content.