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A:  Here are some very helpful hints when choosing a wig.

Is this your first wig?Choosing a color close to your natural hair is a good option to transition into wig wearing. Wigs are also meant to be fun, so trying a color that has always been your hair goals is a fun option. I choose wigs based on ease, I prefer to cut the lace and go. Some wigs will need a little more finessing to get them exactly how you want them but for the most part we try to make these super user friendly. 

What length do you want?All wigs range from short, medium, to long. We have lengths on most of our newer wigs and we are working on getting them on all the wigs to make it easier for you find a light you love! 

A: Most of our wigs are available in average size, which means they fit heads 21 ½ to 22 ½ inches in circumference. The wigs have adjustable straps and stretch so they can be adjusted.

95% of all women fit into the average size. I also carry tighter and larger wigs and all measurements are in the description of each wig. 

A: Wigs range in thickness depending on density. Natural hair is 110-130%. Wigs range from 130-150%, 150% being the most common. We try to carry a wide range of densities for everyone. We suggest going with a lower density wig if you are new to wearing wig since these will be closer to what you are used to with bio hair.

 Each wig in the description will specify density.

A:The average life with proper care is typically 3-6 months to a year. I have personally had some for longer. it is all about preventive care.Make sure you are not over brushing your wigs. You want to use a wig brush on your wigs and with tour curly wigs try go use a wide tooth comb as much as possible. Always try to pull your wigs off the nape of your neck to help prevent friction. I have some wigs in my personal collection that are well over a year old they just need some love and attention and they can last you a long time!! 

A: The best way to store a wig is to hang it or place it on a Styrofoam mannequin head. If you are traveling with your wigs we suggest either a wig travel bag or the silk bag that you received to it wig in.

A: Wash and condition your wigs once for every 15-25 times you wear it to keep it looking soft and natural. This time will very based on if you are putting any products in your wig or wearing any makeup. You will be able to tell when it’s time for your wig to get a bath. Over washing can cause damage to your wig too. Use a gentle laundry detergent or synthetic wig shampoo (available on amazon) and wig conditioner or fabric softener. After we suggest using some type of wig conditioning spray.

Shampoo Directions: Fill a basin with COLD WATER. Pour one capful of shampoo into the basin. Put your wig into the water and swish gently. Wash one minute or less; then rinse well with COLD WATER. For best results, follow with a conditioner for synthetic wigs or fabric softener. 

Q: Can I cut my wig?

A: Yes, however if you are considering cutting or thinning your wig, we highly recommend that you take it to a hair stylist who is experienced in cutting wigs.

Q: Can I color my wig?

A: You can not use traditional dye or bleach on  synthetic hair. Since it is a fiber, the dye will not adhere to it. Although not recommended, Rit Dyemore synthetic dye can be used in some cases. You can also use root spray to add roots to your wigs and lowlights. 

Q: How do I secure my wig?

A:  Most women just wear a Wig Grip, wig cap, or our wig grip combo. Some use nothing at all. For women with hair, the metal clips are great for added security. For women who don't have hair, the grip and the combo is great as well!

Q: Can I get my long hair in a wig?

A: The easiest way is to either put your hair in a low bun and then tuck it into the bottom of the wig. If your hair is extremely long or thick, you can put it in a French braid, or divide it in half and do two French braid pig tails. This will make the hair lay flat and evenly around the head


During large holiday launches, please expect a delay in processing and shipping.

Orders can take up to 7-10 days to process and ship out, during sales and holiday launches.

We strive to ship all orders within 3-5 business days. Business days and hours are as follows: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm PST

USPS and DHL are provided with actual shipping cost at checkout.

Please email:

customersupport@prettypomp.com if you need express shipping

We do not charge any additional handling fees.

Shipping provided Internationally to Canada, Australia, Europe, as well as other countries!

*You are responsible for any duty fees that are asigned to your shipments. Duty Fees can vary based on your country. Please email us if you have any questions or for more information.

Cancellation Policy:

Orders must be canceled within 24 hours of purchase 

Please email:

Customersupport@prettypomp.com for cancellation. 


Returns of non-sale wigs must be initiated within 5 days of delivery date. Once your return has been approved, packages must be postmarked within 3 business days.

Sales or special holiday collections are not eligible for return.

This includes all LAST CHANCE and any sale or discounted wigs or promos

Wigs may be returned for Store Credit Only and will be subject to a 10%-20% restocking fee based on the condition the wig is returned to us in.

Wig returns are accepted as long as the lace is intact, hang tag is still attached, and the wig hasn't been restyled or cut and shows no signs of wear other then try on.

Please use the original box or another box similar in size, do not send your return in a Poly mailer. Wigs MUST BE IN THE CONDITION THEY ARRIVED TO YOU

*Please do not send back your used wig caps. 

Sale, Display, and Holiday wigs are FINAL SALE.


*Wigs are the only product eligible for return!

Customers are responsible for return shipping. Custom orders or Sale Wigs do not qualify for returns.

Note: By keeping wig intact with hang tag and lace it ensures product wasn't purchased for 1 time use.

*Once item has been received and the returned item meets the requirements after inspection and restocking fee is assessed when applicable, product credit will be issued to your account.

If you have any additional questions about returns, please email Customersupport@prettypomp.com

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Melissa Pierpoint
Affordable realistic looking wigs!

Affordable realistic looking wigs! Absolutely love CSC! These wigs have brought my confidence back after losing my hair from chemo!

Alexis Fredrickson
She’s my absolute favorite!

I’m wearing Bryson! She’s so lightweight and easy to style! She’s my absolute favorite. Looks so natural and real!

Crystian Becker
I am ready to take on the world whenever I wear her or any other CSC crown!

Sharpay is HAIR GOALS! She makes me feel confident and beautiful! I am ready to take on the world whenever I wear her or any other CSC crown

Lena Genovese
This is the best approach for my wallet!

I love the new Carrie!!! She’s one of MANY crowns I own and will definitely not be the last! As someone who can never settle on one color or style this is the best approach for my wallet and to keep what hair I have left healthy